About Rastyad

About Rastyad Collective

Rastyad Collective is an initiative comprised of an independent collective of Iranian academics, researchers, and investigative journalists based in Iran and abroad. Rastyad Collective aims to shed light on the nature and scope of mass atrocities that were committed by the Iranian regime during the 1981 massacre.

The main findings and results of Rastyad Collective’s investigation into the 1981 massacre is being presented on this platform. The platform offers an online-database and a virtual cemetery documenting and verifying the details of victims of the 1981 massacre. This database and virtual cemetery contain personal details of the executed political opponents, their political affiliations, photographs of their gravestones, code numbers of the grave locations, geographic coordinates, and excerpts from state-run newspapers where the names of the executed are mentioned. Currently, Rastyad Collective documents and presents the personal details of more than 3500 political dissidents who were executed during the 1981 massacre. In addition, it documents and presents the details of more than 100 political dissidents who were executed during other mass murders, including the 1988 massacre.

All official statements, research publications, and press releases of Rastyad Collective will solely be announced on this website. To share your comments, questions, or data, please use our contact form.

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